Installation Guide

Beauty, Meet Practicality

You don’t need to adjust your thinking when it comes to installation and performance. Lightweight, durable and safe to work with, NuCedar’s complete exterior cladding system is purposefully engineered to install easily, maintaining the crisp lines, shadow detail and dimensional beauty of cedar for a lifetime.

Please Note: All Instructions are in PDF format.

Classic Clapboard® Installation Guide

NuCedar R&R Shingles™ Installation Guide

Vertical Siding Installation Guide

Estimating Guide and Ordering Worksheet

Use NuCedar Mills Estimating Guide to simplify the process of completing a take-off from a set of blue prints. The Estimating Guide makes it simple to figure out a product list for any job and to determine the correct amount of material needed.

After completing the Estimating Guide, use NuCedar’s Ordering Worksheet to process and package the product list into a neatly organized order.

Clapboard Estimating Guide & Order Worksheet