Architectural Specs

Our Dedication to the Architectural Community

Our commitment to the architectural community:

  • NuCedar products qualify for both LEED and National Green Building Standard certification
  • We utilize the latest technology to offer a low VOC coating with a 25 year warranty
  • Milled from pure PVC with no organic compounds, NuCedar is 100% recyclable
  • Impervious to moisture & insects it also maintains zero ground clearance for building specifications
  • Dedicated to the Architectural community, we offer multiple certified CEUs
Green Attributes LEED Certification Opportunities NGBS Certification Opportunities
100% Recyclable
20% Recycled Material in Substrate
Low VOC solar-reflective coating:
• Matches performance of ENERGY STAR rated Cool Roof materials*
• Reduces heat transfer from sun’s rays (NIR)
• Reduces energy required to cool a home (5-9% dependent on region and insulation)
• Permits dark colors to be used in warm climates
Minimal maintenance costs (materials, labor, energy)
• No water absorption or swelling
• No rotting
• Impervious to insects
Interlocking Matrix™ creates tight exterior envelope
• Withstands 200 mph winds
• Exceptional weather barrier
• Strong and durable
Length of boards and consistency of product produce less waste during installation
Substrate is produced in ISO 14001 certified factories
Lifetime limited warranty (substrate and coating)

Energy Savings

The Department of Energy has conducted research at their Oak Ridge National Laboratory that confirms that NuCedar siding and trim can generate significant energy savings. NuCedar products feature the same durable, ceramic-based pigments in their coatings that have been used by leading roofing manufacturers to produce Energy Star® rated “cool roof” products.

This low VOC coating represents a breakthrough in the continuing evolution of the ‘cool technologies’ for the building industry.