Unmatched Durability and Elegance

Only NuCedar Mills offers cladding products that match real wood in elegance and accuracy while also providing unmatched durability, color retention and quality.

NuCedar products are vastly superior to traditional choices, especially if you look at the entire lifecycle of a building; from initial purchase price through generations of enjoyment. The value of a NuCedar installation actually increases over time. No need for scraping and refinishing, ever.

It’s a tested material that will last for generations.

A New Kind of Sawmill

Sawmills have enabled the mass-production of wood cladding materials used to make homes beautiful for generations. But wood’s beauty belies its durability. Generations-old buildings that received near constant attention — with the replacement of rotted wood and scraping of peeling paint — remain beautiful today. Those that didn’t are gone, or covered by modern materials that have been bent, folded, pressed or poured into wood-like shapes. Pretenders to wood, these new cladding products can be durable, but forsake the crisp lines and rich textures produced in a sawmill.

Milling makes the difference. Like wood, NuCedar products are finely milled by freshly sharpened blades. But we don’t use wood.

Our complete line of exterior cladding products are milled from Ex-Cel® cellular PVC, the same material popularized by the leading white trimboard companies over the past fifteen years.

Vertical siding
Mouldings & Accessories

NuCedar Exterior Cladding Products are available in countless colors and rich textures. These finely crafted products are not just painted, they’re factory finished with a solar-reflective coating and come with a 25 year transferable warranty.